Friday, December 30, 2011

11 in 11 Linky!

Found this great linky party over at A Teeny Tiny Teacher, go look at after you view my linky stuff of course! :) it goes!

11. Favorite Movie- The best movie in the whole world is Serendipity hands down.

10. Favorite TV Series-Raising Hope
I know it's a little "different" but I find it absolutely HILARIOUS! Especially MawMaw!

And I can't leave out Biggest Loser! My Tuesday nights were not complete without sitting in front of the TV eating ice cream and watching these people work their hineys off...What? Don't judge!

9. Favorite Restaurant-I Love Love Love Gianno's Italian Restaurant-Yuuuummm!

8. Favorite New Thing I've Tried-This year I have really jumped on the blogging and Twitter-ing band wagon! I am in love with it and the great networking that it has given me. I think I am addicted!

7. Favorite Gift I have Received-Hmmmmm this is tough. I would have to say the gift of being able to do what I love each and every day! I get to work with technology and kids all day! I have to say that I have the best job in the world and I am so blessed!

6. Favorite Thing I've Pinned- Okay, so I have to say that this is another addiction of mine. I've recently fallen in love with Pinterest. I don't have many pins but my favorite is...
well lemme go look...
ok, back favorite is the T-shirt scarf I found on Kevin and Amanda (I made one yesterday! Wooo Hoo!)

5. Favorite Blog Post- My favorite was my Voicethread post where I showcased the great work of my CC class at Thanksgiving. They did such an amazing job and I was so proud of them and even more proud to show off their hard work to you guys!

4. My Favorite Accomplishment-Does it count if it's not completely accomplished yet? Well I'm writing this post so I say it is! I am in school right now to finish my Elementary Education degree. Each time I finish a class I give myself a little pat on the back. Can't wait to be completely done. Then moving on to a Master's in Instructional Technology. But right now that's the accomplishment I'm working on! :)

3. My Favorite Picture-Oh you know what you are asking? I cannot choose just one. I am a picture fanatic and I'm sure you don't have 5 hours to spend on my blog going through my pictures. So how bout my favorite camera? The new know the one Ashton Kutcher advertises? Love it!

2. My Favorite Memory- Hmmm... Working in education you guys know there are so many memories made daily. But my favorite memory was probably Christmas. It is my favorite time of year and I love spending it with my family!

1. Goal for 2012-How much time ya got? I want to finish school, lose weight (duh), start running, learn how to cook (cause right now I can't boil water!), buy a house....hmmm that's all for now I guess!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finally...My First Packet!!!!

So let me start out by saying how absolutely AMAZED I am by all of the teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers! You guys are just WOW! I could never, ever create anything near all of the cool things that you do, but I figured I would try my best. So here is my first packet! It is filled with 8 winter activities that would be great for literacy centers, math centers, small group work or even as a whole group activity! Lots of printouts, cut outs, worksheets, etc. Here's a small preview below! Click on the preview if you would like to see more!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love a Little Linky, Linky!

I just joined Farley's, over at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade, linky party for December and have already made some great connections! If you haven't seen her blog you should def. check her out!!! Some amazing stuff goin' on over there with that one!!! So here's my Currently...
If you'll notice I'm thinking about my poor, beautiful, brand spankin' new...well 2010 but I just got it in August car! It was stolen right out of my driveway on Saturday morning. :( I'm crushed. I mean what kind of a *&%?#%>%&*(@< not so nice person steals a car?!?! So everybody pray for my precious to be returned to me, please.
In other news I'm stalking Teaching Blog Addict...great blog for me to keep up with all you guys' wondrous ideas! If you haven't been there...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Here's the link! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Card Project...Techie Style!

So I, with quite a few other teachers at my school, joined the Holiday Card Project by Projects by Jen. (If you have never heard of her...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?...please go check her out...her global projects are AWESOME! Anywho, back to the Holiday Card Project. It is where classes from around the world were put into groups of 30. The students then created cards and sent them to each class in their group. the end of the project, each class should receive 29 Christmas cards! This was a great way to work on writing skills! But you know me...I had to put my techno twist on it! I created a Google Map and each time we got a card we placed a pin marker on the school, as well as included the link to the schools webpage so we could learn more about them. This way we learned, not only about the students, but about their community and the landforms around them. The students loved it! They looked forward each day to "flying" to more schools! I'll post pics soon! This just goes to show...ANYTHING can be better with technology!

Have a Merry Bloggy Christmas, Y'all!

I got this from Ladybug's Teacher Files, a wonderful blog! You should def. go check it out!!! Just wanted to wish all my bloggy friends a very Merry Christmas! I'm sure you're counting down the days...hours...and probably minutes too, (let's be honest) until that last little wild thing darling leaves out the door for Christmas break!

Wanna spread this Christmas cheer? Here's the code! Thanks to Ladybug Teacher!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas TPT Product

So since I just got my new DJ Inkers Fontastic Too CD and some gorgeously cute clip art, I decided to try them out and create!!! I made this great little activity where the students work on making words plural while decorating a tree! Click on the picture below to check it out! Only $3.00!!! Great for literacy centers!