Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ALREADY??? & My first Digital Paper Pack!

I cannot believe that it is already October! Time for pumpkin, or as we say in the south "punkin" EVERYTHING, cool mornings, colorful leaves....ahhh I love it! It also means it's time for a little linky linky with Farley! Check out my Currently below!
Also be sure to check out my new digital paper pack that I created! It's on sale through the end of the week for $3 on TPT! Leave me some comments and let me know what you think about it!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Columbus on Instagram???

I have recently become addicted very fond of Instagram! I love to use it to keep up with what other teachers and techie people are doing with their students! Well you know I had to find a way to incorporate this super fun tool into my computer classes!
My 5th graders are studying explorers, so I got to thinking...what would explorers like Columbus and others post if they had Instagram in their day? I posed this question to my students and they jumped on it like white on rice! They immediately started researching the explorer of their choice and coming up with ideas on what they would post. I told them to be creative and think outside the box by coming up with picture posts that were more than oceans and boats. Boy did I get what I asked for! Once my students were finished researching and saving 2 pictures (1 for the profile and 1 for the post) I let them open a template that I created in PowerPoint. The students then had to come up with a username for the explorer (Pdawg = Ponce de Leon was one of my favs!) as well as a post time and comment describing their picture. They could also add a comment from someone else, such as Sacajawea on Lewis and Clarks or Queen Isabella on Columbus'. We also had fun coming up with some cool hashtags that might have been trending during that time! I've got more ideas churning using this with book characters, etc. How would you use it?

Click on the image below to download the template for FREE!