Thursday, March 15, 2012


So today my first graders learned a new word....COLLABORATION! It was awesome, if I do say so myself! We sounded out the word and after lots of fun guessing about what it meant, we finally learned that it meant sharing ideas with others. We discussed how you can collaborate with people that are very close to you, like those in your classroom, and those who are far away...even in a different country! We talked about how they collaborated daily...One even said, "I never knew I could cobalorate so much!" Too cute! So we decided to collaborate today using Linoit, an awesome, very user friendly, and very FREE virtual board site where you can post virtual stickies, images, videos, and documents! (It's a lot like wallwisher, but in my opinion a little better!) So anyhoo, I posted a Blabber (we will discuss these in a later post) of a little leprechaun with instructions for the students, just to add a little more fun. They were to post a sticky with their idea of what they would do if they caught a leprechaun. Then the fun began. They all started posting their stickies and they were amazed at all of the little stickies that filled their wall. They could not only submit their idea, but they could read the ideas of other...thus COLLABORATION! It was so cool and they loved it! That same child from earlier even asked, "Can we cobalorate again tomorrow?" (HaHa! We're still working on the pronunciation!) If you get a chance check out Linoit and use it to cobalorate, I mean collaborate with your sweeties! Here's a link to our board below! How would you use it in your classroom?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interactive Sites for Education

Well, the name says it all! I was browsing my weekly Discovery Educators Network newsletter and came across this AWESOME website called Interactive Sites for Education. First of all, the site is divided up into subjects. Then, when you click on a subject, it is divided into multiple categories! For example, let's say you clicked on math, then you would get to choose if you wanted fractions, angles, multiplication, etc. Once you click on your category, you then have tons of thumbnail images linked to interactive sites and games that you can use to have a little fun with your kids! These sites would be great for the Interactive White Board for whole group instruction or for personal computer use! Check out this awesome site below and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Currently

Time for Farley's linky linky party again! Ok, you guys know the drill so I'm not going to bore you! Here's my linky! OOOOOh and the bottom 3 words are 3 words that my students, friends and family (in that order) would use to describe me beginning with the first letter of my name! And no, I'm not being egotistical, I actually had a child call me brilliant, which made me feel preeeetty good. Love my job! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spent My Day in the DEN!

I had an AWESOME day today with a couple of co-workers, including my *MOM*, and a bunch of fun Discovery Educators from around North Carolina! We had so much fun! We spent almost the entire day in Raleigh, at the Friday Institute of Technology (amazing facility) at NC State. The day was filled with 3 sessions led by none other than Lance Rougeux, Patty Duncan, Brad Fountain, and Dr. Lodge McCammon! If these names do not sound familiar to you, please click on their names and learn more! They are all amazing people who give so much to the world of education!
Lodge spoke about his FIZZ philosophy. He is such an entertaining, knowledgeable educator who is so passionate about what he does. 
Lance Rougeux gave a very inspirational and funny introduction to the day about engaging our students in the classroom.
Brad Fountain discussed ways to intertwine science AND literacy in the classroom with cool organizers and activities.
And last, but not least, Ms. Patty Duncan had a classroom full of centers focusing on interactive, collaborative  science centers including Science Techbook by Discovery.
All of the sessions were amazing and mom, Wendy, and I left so pumped up to teach our kids all the great things we learned!
Best of all, we got a free trial subscription to Discovery's Science Techbook.....AWESOME!! You guys should really check out this interactive text book filled with videos, lessons, printables, assessments and MORE! Here's the link:

Oh, and you know I had to include some pics!
My mom, myself, Lance Rougeux, and Wendy

Us with Dr. Lodge McCammon **Check out the shirt!**

And of course we had to get a pic of the back!

Annnnnd I got to meet Judy Uhrig! (a member of the NC DEN Leadership Council with me!)
Oh and of course you have to check out the awesome video of Dr. Lodge McCammon's session!

So, as you can tell, today got me so pumped! I am so excited to get back to school and share with my colleagues and students all the awesome things we learned! Also, remember the NCTies Conference is this Thursday and Friday in Raleigh! YAY! See ya there!