Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love a Little Linky, Linky!

I just joined Farley's, over at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade, linky party for December and have already made some great connections! If you haven't seen her blog you should def. check her out!!! Some amazing stuff goin' on over there with that one!!! So here's my Currently...
If you'll notice I'm thinking about my poor, beautiful, brand spankin' new...well 2010 but I just got it in August car! It was stolen right out of my driveway on Saturday morning. :( I'm crushed. I mean what kind of a *&%?#%>%&*(@< not so nice person steals a car?!?! So everybody pray for my precious to be returned to me, please.
In other news I'm stalking Teaching Blog Addict...great blog for me to keep up with all you guys' wondrous ideas! If you haven't been there...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Here's the link! :)


  1. Welcome to the bloggy world!
    I'm your newest follower thanks to this linky party :)
    stop by and say hi :)

    Enjoy the break & Happy Holidays!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. OH MY your car was stolen??? that just stinks... WOW and I agree that can only be a *)$^$@*(*^*(^))(#(#($)**) kind of person!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME on them!!!
    thanks for linking up and good luck with your car or a new car

  3. Ugh...I know! But there are things to be thankful for this Christmas season...like family, friends, my job, and a WONDERFUL LINKY PARTY! :)