Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh How I've Missed You

Hellllloooo to all my fellow bloggers! It feels like forever since we have spoken! I've been getting a little slack with my posts and need to get back into blogging mode!
Well while I've been away, I have fallen in love with Live Binders! If you are anything like me, meaning you are constantly searching for new sites, blogs, ideas, etc then this is the site for you!!! When I do a search for a new resource, I find so many and become overwhelmed and end up forgetting some of those amazing tools! Enter Live Binders (cue angels singing...ahhhhhhh)!
Live Binders is exactly what they are called. You can easily organize websites into binders by type, adding as many tabs as you like. It becomes especially easy when you add the LiveBinder button to your Bookmark Bar. Now, anytime I visit a website I can simply click on my LiveBinder button and add it to the correct Binder. I have a binder for all types of sites including, Troubleshooting, SmartBoard, Lesson Ideas, Great Blogs, Math Sites, Reading Sites, etc.
Live Binders is my newest favorite organizational tool! Best part of all is that they are free and you can share them with anyone! That's right...start a Live Binder for your grade level or school! The possibilities are endless! Click below to check it out!!!

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