Friday, January 31, 2014


First off, let me say, "hello stranger!" I've been in a little blogging funk here lately...well actually just a funk in general. It seems like, this school year, I just cannot get ahead. I am constantly trying to catch up and certain things, like my blog, and even my lessons have been struggling. I have been in major need of something to get me pumped...something to throw me back on the technology horse. So, where did I turn?? Twitter of course!
Now, I don't know if you have been turned onto that little blue bird or not, but once you get started, you are thrown into a new world of amazing educators sharing ideas, lessons, resources, you name it! The best thing about never sleeps! You can always pull it up and there are new tweets right at your fingertips! It didn't take long before reading through some of my favorite tech idols before I felt much better. I feel like my lessons are improving! I'm more pumped about getting into my computer lab everyday to  work with my kiddos!
Twitter is an amazing tool! It is a way to connect with people in all areas of education and learn and collaborate with them! One of my favorite things to do is "lurk" through the hashtags...especially when there is a conference going on that I couldn't attend. (Yes, I am a hashtag lurker.) When I visit my Twitter feed, I am empowered. I am inspired. It makes me a better educator. Are you a "tweeter" as one of my 3rd graders called it? How does it help you? What other tools do you use to inspire you?

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  1. I keep intending to glean more from the wealth of info that is Twitter. What hashtags do you recommend following?