Friday, May 2, 2014

My New Favorite Site!!!

Ok, so y'all know I am always looking for new, fun websites and tools to get my kiddos interested in learning! Well, I have found my new favorite thanks to Shannon Miller, an AMAZING educator who I found on Instagram! (If you haven't heard of her, make sure you go check out the wonderful things that she is doing in education!) Shannon introduced me to PebbleGo, an emergent reader and research site. I have one word...."WOW!" I mean this site is what I have been looking for! It is filled with nonfiction articles on anything you could imagine! The articles include read aloud capabilities, as well as sounds, videos, corresponding printouts, and games! It works wonders for my researchers who have a little bit of trouble reading those more difficult sites. I introduced this site to my K-3 teachers and students and they instantly fell in love! There is also a mobile-ready PebbleGo in the works, which would be great for the 1:1 classrooms! Now, you know how I am about my tech tools....I like FREE. However, when it comes to a site that my kids and teachers LOVE and get a lot out of, I am willing to pay. This tool is one that you will have to pay for, but it really isn't too expensive and I think that it is totally worth it! Make sure you go check it out today and get yourself a free trial! You'll get hooked!


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  2. Betsey, thanks for helping to share the PebbleGo love! We at Capstone are so thrilled by the feedback from educators and students and are motivated to keep making PebbleGo better and better. Wait till you see the new articles coming in Science this fall! Amy Cox, Senior Marketing Manager at Capstone

  3. Hi Betsey!

    I want to add you to my list of elementary tech blogs on my elementary tech blog;, but you don't have a button on yours! I will add a text link for now. Please check out my blog when you get a chance. I've been teaching computer to PreK-8 for 7 years but just started blogging.