Sunday, January 17, 2016

All that Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise...

If you were to walk by my classroom you would most definitely hear NOISE! But noise isn't always a bad long as it's the right kind. I am not the teacher that has to have silence in her room all the time. I actually enjoy the buzzing of a working classroom. I love the group work, the collaboration and the sound of students sharing their ideas with one another and the excitement that learning can bring about. However, we all know that there are those times when your room needs a little sound management, as I like to call it. For that reason I have found some awesome and fun websites to help with controlling the noise level in your classroom. Check them out below!

This website has colorful balls that bounce according to the noise level in your room. The louder your students, the more bouncy the balls. (Fun part: You can also change the balls to eyeballs, emojis and bubbles!)

Not as exciting as the Bouncy Balls, but a cool monitor that goes from green to red when the noise level gets too loud in your room. This would be good for a small amount of noise to instruct the students to keep their level in the yellow area for group work.

This one isn't a noise monitor as much as a noise controller. You click on the light that you want the kids to work at. For example, no talking would be red. It's a visual reminder on the board for the students to keep their noise level under control.

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  1. Hey girl this is Melisa. I use the bouncy ball app in my room this year and love it. Going to check out this stop light one.