Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Online Storyboards...Yes Please!

So my fifth grade students are working on a new project involving Stop Motion Animation videos. They are taking a well known nursery rhyme, fairy tale, or fable and revamping it with their own imagination. They are then going to retell their story by creating Stop Motion Animation videos. Before we started anything I needed something for them to get their ideas organized but didn't want to waste a day for them to draw out a storyboard with paper and pencil. So you can imagine how excited I was when Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers introduced me to storyboardthat.com at the NCTIES conference. It is a great online storyboard creator where students can create up to six scenes. The scenes can be filled with colorful backgrounds and fun characters. While my students are using it to make storyboards, my wheels are already turning with ideas on using it as a comic strip creator. The site is very easy to use with drag and drop simplicity. The students can either save their board for later or print it out. Best of all...it's FREE! With a basic account you can create up to 3 boards a week. My fifth graders are already having a blast with this site and it's making our project super easy! Click on the screenshot below to start using it with your kiddos!

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