Friday, July 13, 2012

Hmmm...That's PIN-teresting!

Hello, my name is Betsey and I am addicted to Pinterest. Ok, I said it. I have a problem...but I don't see it as much of a problem as an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to better myself as an educator and my classroom! Stay with me here...I'm not just making excuses for myself!
Alright, so Pinterest, as we all know, is a very addictive website where users can create virtual pinboards, and pin anything that our heart desires (while abiding by copyright laws of course). You can have boards focused on recipes, books, clothing, exercises you will never do, good looking men....ok, maybe those are just my boards, but you get the idea! But have you ever thought about how Pinterest can be used in the classroom? What about a board focused only on educational math websites? Or one with links to educational reading sites? These boards could be accessed by students and their parents at school and home. I might even take it one step further and create a board for a certain subject we are covering...for example, landforms and ecosystems. My board would include, not only websites for researching, but links to documents and graphic organizers that I created for my students to explore. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Also, many teachers may not want their students having access to ALL of their boards, such as the board of all my future husbands. To make sure this doesn't happen, teachers can create a different Pinterest account where they only pin educational content for their classroom.
There is one catch to Pinterest, however. While it is do have to be invited to join. BUT...of course there is a BUT...there is another site, similar to Pinterest, titled Pinspire, that you do not have to be invited to join. You can simply sign up. I haven't used this one very much, so you may want to research the legalities a little before using, but I would think they are the same as Pinterest.
So there ya go...I'm using my addiction in a positive way! Are you using Pinterest in your classroom? What are some of your boards?

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