Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Year, New Lab, New Me!

I am so exciting about this upcoming school year! I have new furniture in my computer lab, after 20 years! Yes, people, the old furniture was there since 1993....I was in 3rd grade and actually worked on that furniture. So, needless to say, my new, beautiful furniture was greatly welcomed! With my pretty new furniture, I've created a whole new "theme" in my room, with all new colors, and Pinterest creations. (Yes, I'm addicted!) So, what better than to start out the new school year, than by linking up with Amanda Madden over at Teaching Maddeness for a little New Year's Resolution Linky Party?
So, here it goes!

Resolution #1-Organize and stay that way: I am probably the most unorganized wannabe organized person EVER! I drool over the beautiful classrooms where everything has a place and everything is IN it's place. That will be my computer lab this year! No more stacks of papers that go here, there, and everywhere!

Resolution #2-Get my teachers more Techie minded: I work with some AWESOME teachers who I push and annoy and bother, am always giving techie advice to. They are so kind to really try to use technology in their classrooms and not shut the door in my face! I want to show them new tools and make tech fun and easy to fit into their crazy busy schedule!

Resolution #3-GRADUATE! I am currently working on my BS in Elementary Education and I CANNOT wait to be done...only to start working on my Masters in Instructional Technology! I'm gonna push myself and get it done!

Resolution #4-Get to work on time every day! I am NOT a morning person! Thank God my momma works at the same school and gives me a sweet little wake up call when I need it! No wake up calls this year! I'm going to be on time and ready to start the day!

Resolution #5-Bring my lunch EVERY day! Have ya'll seen those school lunches? Enough said.

What do you want to do this school year? Link up with Amanda and let us know!

PS...What do you think of the new theme? Matches my lab!! Yay!


  1. One of my resolutions is to use more technology in my first grade classroom so I am SO glad I found your blog!
    Still Teaching After All These Years

  2. I am so glad to link up with other great techies! Looking forward to your posts :)

    Enchanted with Technology

  3. @CarolThat's great Carol! So glad you stopped by!