Friday, May 24, 2013

Heads in the Clouds...

I LOVE word clouds. I just think they are so easy to create...just throw a bunch of words in a pile and they turn out so pretty and colorful and organized in some fashion. There are tons of sites that you can use to create word clouds like Wordle and Tagxedo, which are tons of fun and great to use with older kids. But they can get a little too advanced for my little ones, mainly my kinders. So I found a very simple, easy to use word cloud generator on ABCYa that is perfect for little typers!

ABCYa is an educational game website for students in K-5. In addition to the games in 2nd-5th grade is a fun little word cloud maker!

I decided to have my Kindergarteners create a word cloud about all they had done in Kindergarten throughout the year. We brainstormed together on the board talking about field trips, classroom events, lunches, people, etc. They then got to choose 10 words to type into their text box. Once they were finished typing they got to change their font, color, and arrangement with simple clicks of the mouse. What I really liked about this generator is that there is an edit button where they can go back and fix any mistakes they made without having to start over...unlike Wordle. This was so much fun and the kids loved their one-of-a-kind creations!

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