Monday, October 17, 2011

Along Came a Turtle...

New Market was recently visited by a very friendly, and very cuddly, little turtle by the name of Morpheus Fortuna. Morpheus is from Pennsylvania. He travels around to different schools throughout the United States and learns about the different cultures and communities in each state. What does this have to do with technology you might ask? Well Morpheus helps promote global learning. When Morpheus arrives in your school, you are asked to update his Twitter account, his blog, and his wikispace. The students can view these sites to learn where Morpheus has been and what he has learned. They can learn about other cultures and communities without even leaving their classroom. We also took lots of pictures with Morpheus and created Animoto videos with them and Skyped with a class that had him previously. Morpheus is a wonderful tool for all grade levels to help introduce our children to the "outside world!" To have Morpheus visit your school or just learn more about him click here!

Click below to view our 2nd Grade Animoto video with Morpheus!

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