Monday, October 17, 2011

"Wordle" You Waiting For?

Not only does it have the CUTEST name....but it is one of the best websites I have found to use with students!  It, like many of the other sites I use, can be as simple or as in depth as you like, depending on how comfortable you are with Web 2.0 tools and what level your students are at! A wordle is a mash up of words, (a word cloud), all about one subject. Students simply type their words into a text box on the website, hit go...and they have a wonderful wordle! They can use as few or as many words as they like. For the more advanced students, there is an advanced button, where they can use numbers to decide the weight (size) and color of each word. They can also change the layout, font, background, etc.

Some ways that I have used wordles in the past:

  • All About Me-Student Favorites
  • Character Description-describe, compare, and contrast characters in a story
  • Community Helpers-describe job, clothes, and how they help community
  • Authors-list their books, and subjects
  • Good Citizens-describe what a good citizen is and does
  • Class Lists-a cute, different way to display your class list
The list of uses is endless. I have used this website with Kindergarteners through 5th grade. While the work is simple, the end product looks like computer professionals put it together. Your students will absolutely love this website! And best of all....IT'S FREE!!! So WORDLE you waiting for? Send me some of your ideas on how to use a wordle word cloud!

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