Monday, October 24, 2011

Your Wish is my Command!

Well...maybe not my command, but definitely the command of the great website, Wall Wisher! This is a great collaborative website, where the participants can be sitting at all individual computers and see what others have added to the wall! I've used this website for a few different activities with my kids. All of the posts have to be approved by the teacher before going live, which is great when working with older students! One of the first times I used it, I had my fifth grade students post a sticky to the wall telling what they were going to miss about our school when they moved on to the middle school. Once all 100 fifth graders posted to the wall it could then be embedded onto a teacher site where parents and other students can read the responses. This was a great activity that students, parents and teachers all loved. I've seen on some other great sites where people embed videos and links into their walls. Instead of having students write a research paper, have then post to the wall wisher! This resources has endless possibilities! How would you use it?

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